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Let’s face it, it sucks having your information out there for anyone to find.
Here are some of the largest purpetrators along with the information you need to get your information removed.

Data Brokers & People Search Sites

1. Fast People Search

Fast People Search
Fast People Search allows users to search people by name, address, email or reverse phone lookup. It collects personal information that is publicly available online. FastPeopleSearch is available for free and holds millions of US residents personal information.

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2. True People Search

True People Search
True People Search is one of the most accurate and reliable people search sites on the internet! It uses a ride variety of online sources to aggregate information about people and places for those that have not selected to opt out.

TruePeopleSearch Opt Out Guide

3. Intelius

Intelius operates as a people-search platform that functions as a data broker, gathering and consolidating publicly accessible online records. These records are systematically organized into a comprehensive database, containing detailed information about individuals, including their personal history, contact details, and family connections. The opt-out process from this extensive database can be challenging to navigate.

Intelius Opt Out Guide

4. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders stands as one of the leading proprietors of public records data in the United States, boasting an extensive repository of approximately 43 billion data records. Visitors to PeopleFinders can initiate their search for free, gaining access to basic information without charge. For a comprehensive profile encompassing arrest records, background checks, reverse phone number lookup, or details sourced from public records, users have the option to make a nominal payment to obtain the complete information.

PeopleFinders Opt Out Guide

5. BeenVerified

BeenVerified operates as a people search platform, allowing users to access information about individuals effortlessly. The platform scours the internet for public records, gathering and organizing them into a comprehensive database. This database may encompass details such as personal history, contact information, vehicle details, address data, and information about family members.

BeenVerified Opt Out Guide

6. Spokeo

Spokeo logo
Spokeo represents one among numerous online data brokers that collect personal details from diverse online outlets. Subsequently, they compile this information into a consolidated report on an individual, which is then offered for sale to interested parties unless one chooses to opt-out.

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